fox and her stories
  • Hello! I’m Anne Alice Nova.
    I write science fiction, urban fantasy, and magical realism.
Comedy of Masks
The world is changing rapidly, but only a few know about it.

Andela, Holden, Kai and Ivan are able to see the world as it is, when the silhouettes of ghosts appear in the fog, random fellow travelers suddenly try to devour your dreams, and ancient buildings turn into dust in a blink of an eye.

The protagonists are to go on a psychedelic journey through the streets of shadow Edinburgh. During this trip they have to solve a series of mysterious murders, learn a lot about themselves, and, of course, save the world.
Shaman and the Stars
Life on the peripheral planet of the system is obscenely boring, but every morning Ethan Jenkins finds the strength to open his eyes and spend another Groundhog Day.

But everything changes when the ship of the Interplanetary Discovery Society lands on Ethan’s home planet: Captain Dias and his team have a whole collection of secrets and mysteries of the past to solve.

Nothing will be the same again, and then the shaman will finally see the stars.
The paths of Inari, Max, Daya and Ingvarr will cross on the border between the spirits' world and the human realm, the twilight zone of fairy tales and legends, which is protected by the mysterious Restoration Agency.

The novel consists of 9 stories, all connected by one plot. Meet yokai and fairies, go on a journey through the Sea of Night and learn that not only people, but also monsters can feel pain.

In this book Hayao Miyazaki’s magic transforms into the eerie mystical atmosphere of Junji Ito and Koji Suzuki worlds. You’ll love it if you like such animated series as Master Mushi, Natsume’s Friendship Notebook and Mononoke.